Kingdom Of Hawaii Embassy At Large -Ke Aupuni o Hawaii Nei

Iolani Palce Iolani Palace

Hawaii Embassy Mission Statement

Notice: The Hawaiian Kingdom remains under U.S. military occupation since A.D. 1893. The Hawaii Embassy represents a pacifist nation and therefore is mandated to seek a peaceful remedy to this situation. Because there is no bloodshed and violence, our demands have gone unheard by the international community. The U.S. is the country that proclaims to be the champion of freedom and liberty. The U.S.justifies its international war mongering cloaked in this noble cause all the while imprisoning and committing genocide against the Hawaiian people. In 1993, the United States Congress ratified U.S. Public Law 103-150 which was then signed into law by President William Clinton. It is the formal apology made by the U.S. Government to the Hawaiian People for the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Government. Other than admitting to this criminal act, the U.S. excuses itself from its criminal act and leaves no recourse to the Hawaiian People. The U.S. Government has stolen our freedom and liberty and militarily refuses to give it back and blocks media from reporting that Hawaii life is anything but normal.

The admittance of this criminal act by the United States of America creates the fraud under International Law. By provision of law, the axiom, “Fraud viciates Fraud”,  is invoked. All acts Of the United States Government as pertaining to the Hawaiian People are therefore null and void from the time of the overthrow. We, the Hawaiian People, therefore rightfully reclaim our sovereignty. The U.S. Government has been formally notified that the Hawaiian Government withdraws its yield.

It is to this end, that a diplomatic mission representing the Hawaiian People is on the ground in the United States of continue our peaceful efforts to stop the genocide and to formally release all fraudulent claims imposed upon the Hawaiian Nation by executing our right to self-determination.

Let it be known by all men that pursuant to the U.S. admittance to its criminal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government and under the 1933 Montevideo Convention, the Kingdom of Hawaii declares its sovereignty and right to self determination and demands the U.S. to remove its troops from our soil and from the affairs of the Hawaiian people!

We share with the world our Aloha Spirit, our Hawaiian living legacy, to spread our message of World Peace. We seek out the peoples of this planet to stand with us in accepting nothing less than the condition for peace as a mandate for the governments of this world!